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Résidences de

61, rue Saint-Germain
TEL: 06 82 19 76 12
FAX: 02 32 33 50 14

27000 EVREUX

N° siret :
780 802 898 00038



conception:  Lapilazuli

Reception   Description

The "Foyers de jeunes travailleurs" aim at giving a residence to young single 16 to 25 year-olds, who are called to Evreux or its area, to work or study.
They also propose services and various facilities, in order to help them during their stay.

The “Résidences de Navarre” are an association (Law 1901).
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The" Foyers" propose individual furnished rooms, a self-service restaurant for breakfast and other meals, a cafeteria, permanent and punctual activities (parties, showings, weekend trips), a lot of partnerships and also a job-information center.
Download our brochure (pdf file).
   Duration of the stay
For employees : 1 month minimum.
For trainees : 1 month minimum.
For students : 1 quarter minimum.
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the “Union des F.J.T.”.